Sweet or Mischievous - 212 Sexy Perfume Review (Carolina Herrera)

Remember the last post, where I showed the perfumes top sellers in 5 perfumarias online? I was so happy to see 212 Sexy on this list that today I decided to make a post in honor of this beauty. Believe me, it was once one of the great sensations in the 2000 years. Despite being introduced to the market in 2004, the sexy 212 remains modern and conquering many hearts out there! If you have not had the pleasure to meet him, come with me and I'll tell you more about him today.


The most popular women's perfumes of the moment

The question that does not want to remain silent: what are the best selling women perfumes on the internet? Today I decided to do a search in 5 perfumarias online to know the top 12 of the darlings of the moment. Are they the latest releases, the perfumery classics or the ones that are on sale? Let's find out now! (Corn…)

Loca, Loca - Perfume S by Shakira (Shakira)

Since Friday is a day of lots of music and fun, nothing better than getting into the mood and inspiring me into a singer who LOVES to dance! This is Shakira's day, Shakira!

Jokes aside, the perfume S by Shakira was released in mid-2010 and features notes of sandalwood, jasmine, amber, benzoin and vanilla. (Corn…)

In Love - May's Favorite Perfumes

Oh, May, you were so incredible! The month passed quickly, but I had the pleasure of enjoying every moment with wonderful and cozy perfumes. I've selected the 3 favorites to share here with you. Let's check it out? (Corn…)

Moment of Two: 4 charming perfumes to date

Did someone say Valentine's Day? June 12 day is coming and passionate couples are already counting the days for the celebration! Whatever the schedule, a day that symbolizes so much love deserves a special perfume. So today I will give you 4 charming perfume tips to date (Corn…)

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