Valentine's Day Special - Sensual Perfumes for Dating by Soraia Martins

And the long-awaited date of the couple in love! To celebrate Valentine's Day in style, today we have the very special participation of youtuber Soraia Martins (Colors and Aromas). In the video, she shares some very sexy scents for dating.

If you still do not know the channel of Soraia Martins, I'm sure you will stay delighted! Besides having all the elegance, lightness and delicacy in describing the fragrances, your olfactory perceptions are incredible! It's hard for you to find people who translate scents into words as naturally and as accurately as Soraia does.

Then do not waste time and run to the Soraia channel to sign up!

Youtube by Soraia Martins: please click here

Instagram by Soraia Martins: @soraia_martins_

Camila Reis

Pleasure, Camila Reis! I have 30 years, Rio, administrator, entrepreneur and simply passionate about perfumery.


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