Top secret: Everything you need to know for your perfume to last longer

Continuing the bustle, today the subject is about the so spoken fixation of the perfumes. For those who are laymen in the subject, it is nothing but the time that smells hard on their skin.

In the last post I commented with you that the concentration of the essence was one of the factors that influenced in the fixation. To recap, the higher the percentage, the greater the fixation. If they do a test on a sheet, for example, they will prove this statement. But remember that we had learned since high school that almost every rule has an exception? This is no different here. It turns out that we use the perfume on the skin and it is very complex from the chemical point of view. If, for example, you have a oily skin, the tendency is for the fragrance to show itself more intense and durable. Dry skin will have difficulty holding the scent. In addition to the type, the ph (or acidity) of your skin is also one of the reasons that make the composition notes of a perfume last more or less.

Already they realized that it has nothing to do with the association that many people do: if it has weak fixation, the quality of the perfume is bad. I even hear a lot of people doing this relationship with Brazilian perfume, saying that it is not good and so on. Let's, then, put the drips in the i.

In addition to everything I've already said, the climate / temperature environment also has its power to make fixation change. It turns out that compared to a cold day, when it is hotter the molecules of the perfume evaporate faster (that is, they last less in the skin), but in compensation to the intensidade of the aroma is much greater. And it was thinking of this that the Brazilian perfume industries had to adapt the perfumes to our reality. As in our country almost the whole year is hot, nothing more logical than opting for eau de toilette perfumes, so that in that nimble evaporation the aroma did not become so strong as to become cloying. But as a consequence, the fixation is even more compromised.

Now there is another explanation which is very frequent, but which is not really a cause. It turns out that many people complain that the perfume has completely disappeared in a few hours, but it still remains firm and strong there. Before you quarrel with me thinking that I do not believe you or that calling you crazy, it's the fault of the olfactory fatigue. Not wanting to enter into anatomical and scientific terms, I summarize that we end up getting used to the fragrance of the perfume and from there we have the false idea that the perfume has disappeared. Before you sit your finger on the spray, ask for someone who was not in the same environment as you if he / she still feels the fragrance.

What is the conclusion? The fixation is a surprise boxs! We can never guarantee how it will be in each person's skin. But of course there is always some trick to help. Apply one moisturizer of the corresponding scent or an unscented one (it can be oil too) right after bathing - with dry but still warm skin - or a few minutes before using the scent too much improves the duration of it on your skin. And if it still does not make much difference, the solution is to give a sprayed on her clothes (by far not to stain it) or in the hair, where the complexity of chemistry is much lower.

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Camila Reis

Pleasure, Camila Reis! I have 30 years, Rio, administrator, entrepreneur and simply passionate about perfumery.


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