Did someone say Valentine's Day? June 12 day is coming and passionate couples are already counting the days for the celebration! Whatever the schedule, a day that symbolizes so much love deserves a special perfume. So today I will give you 4 charming perfume tips to date

1. Stella (Stella McCartney)

Stella has that warm romantic mood that conquers you for a natural sensuality. It reminds me a lot of wine, with a slightly warm and woody touch of background, and filled with bouquet of rose. Even the floral is the highlight of the fragrance, bringing a lot of delicacy and femininity. It has notes of mandarin, peony, rose and amber.

Price: R $ 199,00 (30ml).

2. Place Vendôme (Boucheron)

That perfume that embraces and comforts you. Composed of honey, orange blossom, jasmine, benjoin and cedar, Place Vendôme is one of those fragrances that do not need to scream to attract attention. He conquers you with a lot of elegance and softness.

Price: R $ 299,00 (30ml).

3. Balenciaga Paris (Balenciaga)

The Balenciaga Paris lavishes femininity with its slightly sweet floral. Lovers of violet will probably fall in love with this fragrance. A scent that attracts loving looks for its beauty. It has notes of violet, clove and patchouli. I've already reviewed here)

Price: R $ 723,00 (50ml).

4. Coco Mademoiselle EDP (Chanel)

Following the line of floral chypre, the Coco Mademoiselle is one of the classics that has won many admirers around the world. With the proposal of a self-assured and independent woman, the fragrance has a light floral with highlight for patchouli. For me there is a deep creaminess, but it is by no means sweet (remember balm).

Price: R $ 615,00 (50ml).

And what is your favorite perfume to enjoy the moment with two?

Camila Reis

Pleasure, Camila Reis! I have 30 years, Rio, administrator, entrepreneur and simply passionate about perfumery.


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