Top secret: How to apply your perfume?

The other day I was noticing that I often get questions about how to apply the scent, how to make the scent last longer, and things like that. So I decided to take the day here to clarify some of those doubts.

First of all, there is no cake recipe where there is only one right way to use the perfume. No, not really! What there are are tricks that make you enjoy it the best way possible.

So let's start with the application. I know that some people love to sprinkle the perfume on the top several times as if it were a cloud and enter there, but this technique has some disadvantages. Although you are scattering the scent throughout your body, besides running the risk of staining your clothes, the tendency is that the perfume does not have a good projection (ie, it will not leave a trace. The reason? You are not concentrating the perfume on the pulse points of your body.

I'll explain better! You have noticed that when we are in the summer or when the day is very hot the perfume seems to stay stronger? It's not print! This actually occurs because the fragrances exude more in hot environments. In the same way, when the day is cold the perfume is more discreet. In our body the pulse points warm when our heart accelerates. So they are the places indicated for application.

But a lot of calm at the time. Of course you do not need to scent all those points, otherwise you'll kill everyone on your side!

I think the choice da amount goes a lot of the taste and judgment person's. It's a bit difficult to help because each case is a case, but keep in mind that fragrances that are already strong by themselves, with good projection and fixation need not be applied in many places. I know someone must be saying, "Oh, when it's Eau de Toilette (Edt) I'll apply more and when it's Eau de Parfum (Edp), less!" But not quite. Although parfum has higher concentration than edp and edp greater than edt and so on, I have already commented here that everything is a matter of chemistry! Edt can have a power far greater than edp. This will depend on the person's scent and skin. So common sense!

Okay, you've already chosen which body parts you're going to apply ... But then there may be a new question: spread or not spread? (for example, if you apply it to the wrists, "rub them" or not? haha ​​did you understand?)

Particularly I I do not do because I grew up reading articles / articles by perfumers saying that this act makes the aroma to modify, for example by jumping / hastening the stages of evolution or changing the characteristics of the notes. But since everything always has an opposition, there are other perfumers who claim that all this is balela. For doubt, I'd rather say that it's best not to spread it. If the perfume is very strong and you do not want to spray it many times, what advises is always the delicacy: still with the previous example, apply in one of the pulses and touchbackthe other to transfer some of the fragrance.

And what are the tricks you use? Come and tell us.

Camila Reis

Pleasure, Camila Reis! I have 30 years, Rio, administrator, entrepreneur and simply passionate about perfumery.


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