Review - Magnifique (Lancôme)

Since I had not talked about any perfume for a long time, I decided to take advantage of the travel moment and snoop around my sister's perfumes to see if I could find any different.

Today's chosen is the Magnifique Eau de Parfum (EDP), the French brand Lancôme. Only today I realized that there were almost none of the times I mentioned the creators of the fragrances (which is absurd because I stopped honing the stars). The Magnifique was created by Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavalier, who together also created Midnight Poison (Dior), Fuel for Life Unlimited (Diesel), Nina (Nina Ricci) and Elle (Yves Saint Laurent).

I confess that this was one of the most time-consuming reviews. I stared into the beyond for long minutes before I could create an image that could translate everything he transmitted to me.

I think before I start with the notes, I'd rather start with the commercial. I watched both advertisements with Anne Hathaway (that e that), but honestly I found that none of them can capture the image I have. The wardrobe is perfect in both: a black dress with air of seduction, but far from being vulgar or exaggerated. The cuts and simplicity is that they create the feminine sensuality.

But I see the situation a little different. The opening of the perfume is very sweet and feminine, reminding me a lot of warm wine, which gradually begins to reveal its spices and soft woody touch. Later, the orders are changed and the sweet is more in the background, especially the sandalwood and vetiver. So I imagine a slightly cool night, just to give a special mood, with a candlelit dinner on a boat, with the right wine and cheese. And, of course, the invitation comes from a man who wishes at every moment to conquer this elegant, self-assured, feminine woman and who naturally reveals her charm. How do you resist someone like that ?!

By making a quick note, the bottle choice was quite accurate. The idea of ​​a stoned crystal and a very clean look and simpels remit that captured elegance, as well as its red gradient color, which perfectly transmits its sensuality in a very natural way.


Camila Reis

Pleasure, Camila Reis! I have 30 years, Rio, administrator, entrepreneur and simply passionate about perfumery.


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