I know summer only starts in December ... But if it's summer time already and most of the cities already have an oven, I feel more than authorized to do the summer special.

O Light Blue D & G's female version is nothing new on the market. It was released there on 2001 and to this day is considered a darling both from the feminine and the masculine point of view.

According to the brand, it consists of notes of Sicilian cedar, green apple leaves and hyacinth in the opening; bamboo, jasmine and white rose in the heart; and citrus woods, amber and musk in the background.

The opening of it reminds me too of lemon popsicle with hints of green apple. It is a delicious citrus mixture vibrant and of great freshness. But as the perfume evolves you realize that the joy of the opening begins to become more discreet. It evolved into what I like to call Swiss lemonade a little sugary. The interesting thing is that this "Swiss" is because of the cedar and the bamboo, that are there in the background to give a special touch. Why special? It turns out that on hotter days these two notes are more prominent, softening the "sugary lemonade" (translating, do not leave the "luscious", nauseating aroma). The sensation is that a summer rain has just passed: the day is still hot and the lemonade is present, but you can catch that delicious smell of post-rain foliage.

What I find cool about Light Blue is that it can be very versatile. It is a fragrance that combines both the youngest (I recommend it as a perfume for teenagers) and the older ones. Perfect for hot days / nights but that also falls very well in cooler temperatures. And what women love most: it attracts men's looks and praise.

The Light Blue also has a male version. The female version, described here in the post, is available only in the Eau de Toilette (EDT) version and can be found in the sizes of 25, 50 and 100ml. 25ml costs, on average, $ 182.

Ps: Just to alert you, his packaging is very fragile and dismantles easily. So if the metal part takes off do not be sad because it was not your fault!

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  1. This I have been dating for a long time, but I was missing in the winter in some sites, now it is already available. I'm crazy to buy. I love how it makes you feel the fragrance just by reading your reviews. Kisses

    • How interesting to miss in winter! I thought the sites focused more on "fresh" fragrances since we are in a tropical country.
      But good that it is already available!
      And, as always, thank you Karen
      Kisses and a good holiday

  2. Hi Camila! All right? At the end of the year I'm curious about Acqua di Gioia perfume, what do you think of it? Is he sweet? Is he good for the day? Kisses

    • Hi Leticia,
      Have you been reading my mind ?! I had chosen the Acqua di Gioia as the next edition of the summer
      But it is great for the day. It does have a hint of sweet berry, but I think in the same style as Light Blue or Nina: a balanced blend between sweet and citrus. It opens citrus and then evolves into that blend with a menthol touch. Too bad I was cooled now because I could sprinkle it on the skin to be more precise about the sweet. I know sugar was not so sweet because of a fruity note (I think it was watermelon ... I remember it was a red fruit!).

  3. Hi, here! All jewelry? I'm completely in love with Light Blue! He is one of my favorites, my darling, of those who end up and buy again. I love the post! Big bjo!

    • Hi Lara,
      It's good to see you here!
      There is! And I just discovered one of your favorites.

  4. Hi Camila: I love Light Blue, I feel cozy when I use it. I went to a store the day before yesterday to try the Acqua di Gioia, but I found it a little sweeter and less refreshing than I had imagined, but the fixation on me was excellent. I'm looking forward to experiencing Versace Versace and Escada perfumes: Marine Grove, Island Kiss, Moon Sparkle, Ocean Lounge, Pacific Pardise and the rest of this line (I do not know if some have been discontinued), but here I do not meet to experiment. They say they have the summer face. Have you ever tried any of them? Kisses from your admiring perfumer No. 1.

    • Hi Luciane,
      Versence does a bit of the Light Blue style; both have good citrus output. But unlike the Light, the bottom of it is very "forest": more woody aromas, like the cedar and sandalwood. The cool thing about it is that the olive tree gives the feel of a rain forest. Freaks aside, what I mean is he's not as cheerful as the Light Blue. The aroma itself is cozier.
      I'm pretty suspicious to talk about these limited editions of Escada, because I'm a super fan! All the aromas are very cheerful, fruity and perfect for the summer. But it's that story: it depends on your tolerance for more sweet aromas. Particularly I do not find their fruity cloying because they have cooler bottoms overall (as if the fruits were chilled).
      Of the ones you mentioned I have the Ocean Lounge and the Moon Sparkle. Moon Sparkle would not be a good choice to buy in the dark (and he looks like he's my favorite!), Because his fruity is well with red fruits and cassis - which in my view are the sweetest fruits. It reminds me quite a fruit popsicle. The Ocean Lounge is a bit less sugary to have "milder" fruits such as lychee and pear. The difference is that the bottom of it is a bit creamy because of the vanilla (but nothing too much!)
      Of all, I believe that the purchase in the dark more secure is the Versence.

  5. Thanks for the answer. The day before Sephora received the Island Kiss and I did not resist and I ended up buying. I hope I enjoy it. I took advantage of Black Friday and increased my collection. I bought two perfumes in the Cosmetics Season: The Black XS and the Valentina. But I'm a bit afraid, because I do not know this store and I'm worried about the originality and shelf life of the perfumes. We will see! Kisses in the heart.

    • Ahh Luciane, I'm hoping you like them! But all are great choices for the summer (and in fact they are formulated for this time of year).
      And as for Cosmetics Season Perfume, you can rest easy. The products are originals yes and come with the adipec seal. It is not just a virtual store; also has a physical store here in Rio de Janeiro.

  6. Light Blue hates me! I feel a sour lemon on the skin, you know how? And, look, I'm on a lemon, see?

  7. I have a small collection of perfumes and I like to inform myself well before making a purchase, because perfumes are very expensive in Brazil, is not it! I do not know the fragrance of light blue, only of that traditional red cap (which is quite sweet). In your opinion, which of the two is worth more?
    A big hug and thank you for helping me!

    • Hi Silvia,
      Sorry for the delay!
      Unfortunately I owe you an answer because I vaguely remember the traditional Dolce & Gabbana, so I can not make a comparison. My memory is of childhood, so what struck me was the fact of being sweet and remarkable.
      If I do not buy the perfume these days, what I can do is try it again (but it would take me some 10 days to respond because I'm going to travel)

  8. I won this perfume last year and used the whole bottle, I liked it a lot, but because it is citric, would it look good in winter too? Would not it be strange to wear in the winter?
    Kisses !!! =)

    • Dinha,
      If you like it, there is no reason not to use it in winter 🙂
      And the cool thing about Light Blue is that even being citric it has a bit sugary touch, which is a good request for colder days.
      But again, first of all I think you have to feel comfortable with it. Do the test! If you feel good, think the scent is still good, use it and abuse it
      Big kiss

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