Think of that relaxed perfume, with a taste of vacation in paradise! I introduce you Virgin Island Water, from English niche house Creed. Today you will discover more about this super tropical aroma, which few people here in Brazil know about. Ready?

Before you begin, let me explain in a very simple way what this niche perfumery. The main idea is you have a perfume almost exclusive:

It will be difficult for you to find someone else using the same perfume as yours, since it is not sold in any store (only the brand's own selected perfumes and stores);

They usually worry about bringing in "natural" ingredients, avoiding those made in the laboratory (synthetic notes);

They escape from that obligation to meet a market trend, so they are fragrances different from those found there.


Given the message, let's talk about this beauty! The perfume was inspired by the tropical and aquatic features of the Caribbean islands, with notes of Sicilian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, hibiscus, ylang-ylang, Indian jasmine, tonkin musk and tropical wood.

Did you notice the exclusivity of the notes? Although we are already familiar with all these aromas, they are from different sources and therefore have small peculiarities. For example, the aroma of the Galician lemon is a little different from the Sicilian lemon. This is one of the great beautys of niche perfumery: we experience what we already know, but with a new seasoning.

Use Virgin Island Water is practically being teleported to those holidays so dreamed that you are already counting the days to arrive! The beginning of the fragrance is very joyful and fun: first the zest of lemon peel and bergamot peel, and then comes that very tropical, citrusy but sugary alcoholic beverage, refreshing and with a sensational coconut creaminess.

Suddenly bang! We changed scenery! Calm down, you're still on vacation, but now you're going to enjoy a more sensual dance with that background sunset setting the sky with an incredible orange (I always remember the movie Dirty Dancing 2 - Nightlife in Havana : D). It so happens that ylang-ylang arises to give that touch aphrodisiac, along with an almost warm bottom on account of musk.

Can we change the scenery yet again? After these changes, it seems like you've settled the beam and will end the holidays more relaxed yet with all those vibes within you. All the notes that came in shocking, are now more serene. A light floral, a more discreet creaminess, a weaker citrus. But did he really settle down?? Try increasing your body temperature! I think you'll want another dance ... 😉

Just to finish, I needed to say that this is one of the few perfumes unisex which can be shared quietly. And the most curious thing is that when worn by women it looks feminine, and when worn by men it looks masculine. Cool huh?

Although the investment is more salty (U $ 215 US dollars the 30ml bottle), it is a perfume that combines a lot with the climate of Brazil. Perfect for those hot and stuffy days / evenings / nights.

And what do you think of niche perfumes? Tell us!



5 Reviews on Paradise Vacation: Perfume Virgin Island Water (Creed)

  1. Camila, in fact, niche perfumery is a luxury that does not fit even in any pocket. Kisses.

    • Yes, Ana. Unfortunately, this is the negative side that weighs (and a lot) the balance.
      As the production is smaller and the notes are more exclusive, the perfume becomes more expensive. And like that dollar in the sky then, that's a real stab! (I.e.
      Big kiss

    • Hi Isa!
      Yes and no
      In fact they are not alike in the sense that you feel one and remember the other. But on the other hand, they have the characteristic citrus that follows a little the same line.
      As these perfumes are more caring, I did not want to risk buying without knowing. I always read a lot about it, so I decided to look for a decant of it and see how it evolved in my skin (the decant is a little bit of the original perfume transferred to a new smaller bottle - like those sample bottles, you know?). At the time I think I found it on the Perfumes Shopping website. I would recommend looking for a decant of it (should cost less than $ 20). So you kill curiosity and do not risk buying in the dark and not liking.
      Big kiss

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