Top secret: How to apply your perfume?

The other day I was noticing that I often get questions about how to apply the scent, how to make the scent last longer, and things like that. So I decided to take the day here to clarify some of those doubts.

First of all, there is no cake recipe where there is only one right way to use the perfume. No, not really! What there are are tricks that make you enjoy it the best way possible. (Corn…)

Perfumes - What does EDT and EDP mean?

Today the post about perfumes is a bit different. I'm always talking here and there on the YouTube channel about composition, fixation and blablaw, but I never spent a moment telling more about the world of fragrances. As I know most are not interested in knowing about the history of perfumes (origin of the word, rings used as poisons ... (Corn…)

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