Oh, May, you were so incredible! The month passed quickly, but I had the pleasure of enjoying every moment with wonderful and cozy perfumes. I've selected the 3 favorites to share here with you. Let's check it out?

1. You or Someone Like You (Etat Libre d'Orange)

This perfume crossed my path to mark another new stage in my life. O You or Someone Like You is a fragrance that complements your inner peace and that your moment of serenity and well-being. Slightly citrus, pulling more to the barks of bergamot and grapefruit peels, has a more herbal and fresh vibe. A scent that escapes the 'more of the same'. Another unisex that lives up to the title.

Price: US $ 90 (50ml).


2. Elie Saab Le Parfum (Elie Saab)

Since I did not have the honor (yet: D) ​​of wearing one of Elie Saab's gorgeous dresses, at least I have the pleasure of taking advantage of the The Perfume. The perfume really succeeds in being the elegance, femininity, cream sensuality that are translated in the traits of the stylist. The fragrance is characterized by a very comfortable white floral, bathed by honey that is far from being sugary. He's full-bodied. Brides, it has all the potential to win over your heart and become the scent of your dream wedding.

Price: R $ 397 (30ml).


3. L'Extase (Nina Ricci)

I met by chance, lost in the middle of the perfume samples, and had the happiness to remember that I had a miniature of it. O L'Extase reminds me a lot of the style of the Black XS female, with a very juicy and sweet red fruit and a warm and woody background. A great choice for the cooler days, when you want to give a up in his sensuality. It is not a femme fatale, but it is very engaging.

Price: R $ 269 (30ml).


And what were your favorite May perfumes?


3 Reviews on In Love - May's Favorite Perfumes

  1. Hello Camila. Mine were Stella by Stella MCartney and Gabrielle by Chanel (here is spring) .bjs

    • Ahh that's delicious, Isa!
      Stella is charming, but many people here in Brazil do not even know of his existence (and sells here at Sephora).
      You're in Portugal, are not you? I missed this land line
      Big kiss

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