Get ready: this is going to be the Valentine's Day special MORE PERFUMED AND WONDERFUL that you have already seen! 😀 Until June 12 you can join here in the Chic Connection special tips of my favorite Youtubers \ o /

And of course I had to open with Golden Key, huh? Today is our beloved's day. Katynha Santos indicate to 10 people perfumes to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I am super fan Katynha and I've been following her channel since 2000 and there goes ball. Besides describing very well the fragrances and the sensations that they bring to us, it still has a contagious astral high. Katynha is always very eclectic in the videos: she talks about women's perfumes, masculine, unisex, national, imported, cheap and salty. There's room for everyone to enjoy!

If you still do not know her channel on Youtube, run there and sign up! You will love it!



Katynha, thank you very much for your more than special participation here on the blog and for being so caring and welcoming!


And what are your favorites of Katynha's Top 10?


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