Who Writes

Nice to meet you! My name is Camila Reis. I'm 30 years old, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, entrepreneur and just passionate about perfumery!

Chic Connection was created with a lot of affection to get more smiles out there! That's right: the blog's proposal is to show you that you deserve to be happy, however hard the road may seem.

I've always had the habit of using perfumes, but it was in 2009 that I really fell in love with perfumery. At the time I was going through a very delicate emotional period, studying what I did not want to in college and with low self-esteem because of my overweight. I was headed for depression. It was in the perfumery world that I found joy and strength to change what I felt. So that's why I have such a special affection for this theme.

Perfumes are more than accessories, they are piece of art! They stir our emotions, bring memories of loved moments, mark new moments of life and manage to trigger the little buttons of feelings and adjectives that we all have within us, but we often don't know how to turn them on alone!

And this is not just about perfumery. When we connect with some theme, it is able to change the whole scenario !! Whether you read a good book, have money to pay all bills, feel more beautiful, spend more time with your kids, travel the world, or just meet a new restaurant. As much as all or all are conspiring against, if these things make you happy, do not give them up! It is a YOUR RIGHT your being happy!

The essence of what motivated me to create this blog for almost 10 years remains the same: wanting to share what moves me and that can also move and cheer other people. No matter what your problem is today, know that you can have an incredible tomorrow! Do not stop to believe that

"Life is to be lived, so go ahead and rock it!"


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